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DOES DREAMS DURING SLEEP really turn true in life? It is a million dollar question and answer is YES & NO which varies with respect to peoples’ opinion. Dreams are considered as predictions of future happenings and examples of such incidents are quoted almost in all religions’ holy books. According to many people, not all, but some dreams definitely become real which also happened to me. Then, why all the dreams do not turn into reality? This is an unanswered question since the creation of this universe in which are living.
WHY DREAMS OCCUR? In general dreams occur during sleep, where sleep is considered to be an un-conscious stage, during which total human body will be at rest and in relaxing status. According to science, one has to pass through three stages to get into sleep and dreams occur in last (deep sleep) stage. Dreams are about the things that are thought during the second (sub-conscious) stage of sleep. That means dreams are the result of the thoughts one who thinks just before the sleep.
According to my experience and keen study on this issue, I observed that to some extent it is true that thoughts during sub-concisions stage turns into dreams in deep sleep stage. But many times people argue that they dreamt about the things which they never thought. Then why this is happening? I found that the sub-conscious stage occurs not only just before sleep, but also in awakening condition, which generally people expressed it as “feeling sleepy”. And what ever thoughts during this sleepy stage occur sometimes turns into dreams during sleeps.
WHEN DREAMS ARE OCCUR? According to physiologists, dreams occur to people who suffer with disturbed sleeps, due to stress and unhealthy condition. In addition to above mentioned reasons, I found that, whenever I changed sleeping place, I get disturbed with dreams, and this continues till I get acquainted with the new place of sleeping.
The frequency of dreams in terms of duration and number dreams varies with respect to change of place. If I change my place within the room of regular sleeping room, the duration and number of dreams are less. If sleeping place changed to outside the regular sleeping room but is within the same house, the frequency of dreams is higher compared to first mentioned condition and if sleeping place is changed to a different house, then the duration and number of dreams increases further.
And lastly, as far as dreams turning into reality, very few dreams may be 2 dreams turned into reality. Really they were the predictions of future happenings.
The questions unanswered are:
Why all the dreams do not turn into reality?
Do the dreams need a through analysis to understand the actual meaning of dreams?
If so, what type of analysis is required?
I request the readers of this article to share their experiences/opinions about the dreams.

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